Acquisition & Sales

Attorneys with Addison Law have been involved in over eight hundred (800) golf, club, resort and hospitality acquisitions and/or sales throughout the United States and various foreign countries. This extensive experience has enabled our attorneys to assist sellers or purchasers of such facilities in the initial structuring of the transaction and the extensive due diligence required to identify and to resolve legal and business concerns that threaten the viability and success of the project. The Firm’s objective is to identify early in the process the potential legal and business issues that are critical to the transaction and to provide counsel based on past experience to resolve the issues.

Addison Law offers a full range of legal services related to the acquisition or sale of golf, club, resort and hospitality facilities: 

Negotiation and preparation of complex acquisition documents.

Special detailed due diligence designed for the golf, hospitality and real estate industries.

Structuring and evaluation of membership programs (equity and non-equity).

Evaluation of survey and title, including property restrictions and deed restrictions.

Club Organization Structure

  • Irrigation water rights, including effluent agreements.
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Contract review and related issues
  • Alcoholic Beverage Permits and Licenses
  • Operational Permits
  • Land Use Planning
  • Zoning
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Tax Matters
  • Securities Issues
  • Employee Matters
  • Membership Issues 

During the acquisition or sale process, Addison Law is often called upon by its clients to coordinate the efforts of other professionals who are involved in the financial, engineering, environmental and other evaluations of the facility in order to provide consolidated and efficient due diligence reports covering all critical business and legal issues.

Addison Law is committed to provide experienced counsel, supported by the latest technology, to provide our clients the exceptional legal services they require for the successful acquisition or sale of a golf, club, hospitality or resort facility.

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