Randy Addison

Randolph D. Addison has represented parties involved in the ownership, operation, and development of equity and non-equity private clubs, public golf facilities, resort projects, and residential/golf course development for over 25 years. Mr. Addison, founding member of the Addison Law, has been involved in acquisition, development, and operational matters in more than six hundred private and public golf, club, and resort projects throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries, including Pinehurst Resort and Country Club, Firestone Country Club, The Homestead, Mission Hills Country Club, Barton Creek Resort, and Daufuskie Resort and Club (formerly The Melrose Club). Mr. Addison’s experience includes the acquisition of existing facilities and the development and structuring of the private clubs, public facilities, and resort facilities. These projects include the due diligence programs designated for golf, club, or resort facilities that address organizational matters, membership matters, club documentation, and the various development agreements between the developer and the club, or the resort owner.

Mr. Addison has represented golf course owners, club owners, resort owners, residential developers, not-for-profit member-owned clubs, and club managers from the initial creation and development of the facility through the various operational issues, including club bylaws, member disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, water, sewer, and effluent agreements, liquor licenses, and other areas. In addition, Mr. Addison has structured equity conversion programs to sell club facilities to its members and the sale of club and resort facilities to third parties.

Mr. Addison has been a speaker at numerous educational seminars and continuing education program for developers, club and resort owners, club managers, and attorneys. The programs include presentations at the International, ABA and Pan American Bar Hospitality Conferences, Annual American Bar Association Meetings, Crittenden Golf Expos, Recreational Developers Seminars, Golf Inc. Expositions, Club Managers Association of America, CMAA Annual Conferences, the ALI-ABA Resort/Club Seminar, Golf Course Development Seminars, and various regional seminars in the area of golf, club, and resort law.

Mr. Addison received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas (Austin) and law degree from the University of Texas School of Law. He has been admitted to practice in the Federal Courts of the Northern Texas District Court, and is a member of the Corporate and Real Estate Section of the State Bar of Texas and American Bar Association and the Select Hospitality Committee of the American Bar Association.

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